Starting the tri-foot after forming a cylinder, pinching together.

It is not very pretty inside. I'll smooth and fill to make the mug easy to clean.

Where the feet come together, it's messy so I add a disc with my logo stamp.

The photos left to right show the lino mat cut to shape & carved, then formed to mug shape before firing, and finally, the completed form.

Layering color & Stenciling

Handcrafted Pottery 

Texturing with Lino cuts

Tri-Foot Mugs



(in Italian "to scratch") is a  pottery decorating technique produced by applying layers of color or colors (underglazes or colored slips) to leather hard pottery and then scratching off parts of the layer(s) to create contrasting images, patterns and texture and reveal the clay color underneath. The layer(s) of color can be underglazes or colored slips.

Using a sponge, I dabbed on 4 different colors, then placed the stencil & with a small rolling pin ran over the clay & stencil to force the clay up into the cutouts & wiped the color away. I was featured on Stencil Girl Products with the whole process if you are curious, Stencil Girl link