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I came to clay after years of thinking I had no artistic talent (thanks to a high school art teacher's advice to stick with math).  While hiking one day, I fell into step with an acquaintance who asked me what I would do if I didn't have to work for a living.  I told him I had always wanted to throw clay.  I swear I didn't know that he manufactured potters wheels for a living.  Long story short, I have been working with clay since that day in 1992, learning mostly from community college classes and workshops in San Diego and throughout the U.S. 

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Framed, hand-built, hand-carved stoneware art tile

Your Space - No Experience Necessary


They look so unusual, but like your camera's tri-foot, they are quite stable. The inside has been filled and smoothed to make cleaning a breeze.

Hand-built from slabs with texture from stencils, hand-made or purchased stamps or sgraffito carved

Sweet Little Plates

Tri-Foot Mugs

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Jackpots! handcrafted ceramic art, an online art gallery for hand carved sgraffito pottery and textured artwork

Available in different shapes and sizes - All with a beachy theme - so far

 Special Orders welcomed

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Framed Tiles

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